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The Laws of Mind!"




 An open letter to sincere, honest and intelligent people who would like to achieve the life of their dreams, and who have struggled to receive results from the Law of Attraction...



It's true!

There is a secret to manifestation.

And it's not the law of attraction.

It's called The Laws of Mind.

Listen, if I didn't do it myself, I wouldn't believe it. In fact, the only reason I tried to find the true secret was because everyone in my life was so much more successful than me, that I had to!!

Let me tell you a true story.


At one stage of my life, I was desperate, single and completely and totally broke. I had great success in academics, but apart from that, I couldn't achieve or change my situation no matter what I did.


I cried watching the movie "The Secret" because I thought the Law of Attraction was the answer to my problems.

You see, I had a tough job in the heart of London and I wanted to use the Law of Attraction principles to help me get out of the rat race.  I had no financial or job security where I was, and was basically living from pay check to pay check. On top of that, my relationships with my friends and family were a mess which put a serious dent in my confidence.

But no matter what I did to improve my situation and how much I studied the Law of Attraction, it never ever worked for me.  In fact, I was still in exactly the same situation and I couldn't understand why.

And then it struck me..... how can the Law Of Attraction be the secret to success if it doesn't and isn't working?

I was completely heart broken and somewhat angry with myself. The so called "secret" didn't work FOR REAL and I would have to find a replacement quick or lose my sanity.

What was I to do? I struggled to make a decision. But in the end, I decided to find the true secret myself by looking at the lives of successful people.  And I have found the answer which has literally changed my life.

The secret I found is called the Laws Of Mind.



What Exactly Is The Laws Of Mind And How Will It Help Me Manifest What I Want?


The Laws of Mind is all about the mental laws and principles which determine the performance of your mind and body. Getting the right mental and physical performance when you need it is the core of manifestation, because your mind and body are the fundamental tools you use to manifest.


The Laws of Mind also states that mind is the reality of nature, and is arranged into mental layers of depth. By living your life in accordance with the mental laws which exist, you live your life in accordance with the true nature of reality, making manifestation simple.


I have a free report called "7 Secrets Of Manifestation" which I'd like to give you, to help you bring your manifestation knowledge up to scratch.


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There Are Only 3 Main Steps To Manifest Exactly What You Want


The first step to manifest what you want is called "energy". This is about setting a completely clear goal, that you truly desire and want to achieve. The Laws of Mind states that you can NOT just manifest anything. You can only manifest your true heart's desires. Identifying your true desires can only come by truly understanding your mind (ie the Laws of your mind), and what it says about what you really want in life.

The second step to manifest is called "intent". Intent is all about your mindset, mental state and mental emphasis to your goals. The Laws of Mind states that gaining the most natural mindset for you puts you in harmony with natural law, making manifestation effortless. Learning how to put your mental emphasis in the right place to manifest consistently can only come about by understanding the laws by which your mind operates.

The final step to manifest is called "action". Action means understanding how your body works and using that to your advantage to stop laziness in action, so you get strong drive and commitment in action to success instead. Understanding how your body works will only happen when you understand how it relates to your mind, which controls the body. This means knowing the Laws of Mind which relate to the body.

The Laws of Mind System is extremely comprehensive but also step by step. It ties all the loose ends of manifestation together.


How Would It Feel To Finally Achieve Your True Hearts Desires? To Me, It Has Been Absolutely Priceless!!





"The Secret To Manifestation Success Is Finally Exposed!"





You'll discover:


How to use the Laws Of Mind System effectively to bring you any manifestation you truly desire.

Clear explanations, diagrams and illustrations of the Laws of Mind System. Understanding its true power allows you to use it right away.

How your mind and reality are linked together to manifest what you want, and how to make sure your mind is communicating the right thing, ie your manifestation goal!

How the mind works, and the rules and principles which determine what you manifest.

How to master the 3 steps of energy, intent and action using a step by step and simple formula.

Exactly which mental states you need to have to directly impact and create positive manifestations, and how to get those mental states.

How to permanently change your mental state and use the Laws of Mind System on autopilot, for automatic and continuous manifestations for your whole life.

How to leverage principles of your mind to leverage your manifesting depth. This secret ensures that your manifestation is full, and part of your wider success story.

How you can create major DAILY manifestations towards what you want, using nothing but natural mental and bodily triggers.

  Why the mind needs mental information, how to get it, and how that affects what manifests automatically.

How to understand the development of a real manifestation so you know what to look out for, and to maintain its path of growth.

Why visualising does not work, and how to harness the principles of your unconscious mind to guide you to your goal instead.

How mental clarity is essential to your goals and how to go about creating it successfully.

Simple and powerful strategies for building a solid intent and mindset, which helps you to lock in on your manifestation goal.

How to structure your mindset in a way, which automatically and systematically relieves you of all financial burdens and difficulties in your life.

How to keep mental focus to your goal and use that to build motivation and drive to help you succeed.

How to use the Laws of Mind System to eliminate laziness, procrastination, tiredness and other things which are a barrier to your manifestation goals.

How to structure your mindset on the present reality to give you the thoughts, ideas, intuition and creativity you need to move towards what you want.

How to ensure decisive daily action towards your goals through the concept of manifestation momentum.

How the Laws of Mind will reveal to you exactly what you need to do on a day to day basis to reach your goal.

How the concept of time is linked to your mind, and how to use time to take advantage of your subconscious mental powers for manifestation.

How you can modify and pulverise poor beliefs and boost your mental power and direction towards your goals.

How to permanently and decisively re-wire your past in your own mind so that it acts as a positive mental propeller to manifest your present dreams.

How to keep your manifestations going, and how to successfully watch out for the stumbling blocks.

Why there are only two types of manifestation you need to be aware of, and what you can do through the Laws of Mind to make them manifest each other.

Step by step examples of applying the Laws of Mind System to overcome any problem, burden or trouble that you may be experiencing in your life for good.

Step by step examples of how to bring your life to the next level using the Laws of Mind, and increase wealth, relationship success, happiness, health and  peace of mind.

Print out diagrams that summarise all the main points of the Laws of Mind System to re-read at your own pleasure.

And much more!!


Here's what some people have said about this system: 



Fred Mostyn

London, UK

Well, I've finished reading your guide and applied a few steps, and I've just manifested a new job! Not bad huh? Next goal is a house in Japan!

This is the best manifestation guide I have ever read and I'm sure it will blow everyone's mind.



Sokat Ali

Leicester, UK

Your guide is something else. My head is boggling at how detailed yet simplistic the steps are.

Why couldn't the law of attraction be like that? I can't believe how little I knew about my manifestation until I read this.

My dream is to be a doctor and using your secrets, I've finally managed to qualify for the entrance exam.

Thank you!


Adriana Adams


Oh yes, this is good! At long last.

I think you should get the word out about this and see how those law of attraction "gurus" shake in their boots! So far I feel so much clearer in my head, and have a much better sense of my self and direction in life. I can't wait to manifest my bigger goals.

The thing I liked best about this system is that its clear, straight forward and makes perfect sense.

This has been my best investment all year. Im glad you've shown me the light.



Derek Wong

Hong Kong

Well, I have to admit that I've bought a few manifestation guides before but this has got to be my number one. What a great product!

How did you come up with all this? It's brilliant! It smashes everyone to absolute pieces, and I'm talking about the absolute famous crème de la crème here.

Anyone could get this and manifest millions. What a great chance to make a difference for real.


David Torres


Good stuff mate, job well done, and so much better than the law of attraction. I'm glad you've got this out showing an awesome opportunity to manifest for real.

I particularly liked the step by step nature of what you're teaching here. It's clear, and I never got that from the law of attraction courses I did.

I've already recommended your course to my friends.




The Laws Of Mind System focuses on revealing the true nature of manifestation in a step by step way. You'll also discover some of the myths and half truths which stop people manifesting their true goals.

The package also contains two audio recordings. The first is called "The Material Manifestation Audio". This audio uses brain harmonics technology to mimic the brainwave state of a successful person, meaning you get more focus, drive and clarity for your material goals. The second audio is called "The Romance Manifestation Audio". This also uses brain harmonics technology, and is for anyone who wants to manifest more successful relationships with the opposite sex.


"Achieve Your Dreams At Last, Regardless Of Your Background!"


It's a fact throughout the world that people who are broke, lonely and lacking in some area of their life can easily turn it around by understanding the true principles and secrets to manifestation success.


The Laws Of Mind System will show you a step by step process on how to use the fundamental tools of manifestation in the mind and body, and change them to manifest your goals.


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You’ll Finally...


Manifest your true hearts desires


Feel more confident that you're moving closer to your dreams day by day


Overcome any and all burdens in your life, financial, relationship, health or other wise


Get back to planning for the future instead of living in the past


Get peace of mind and stability in your life


Become financially secure and abundant


Command and develop more respect from your friends and family


Develop emotional and mental control


Get strong drive and motivation to your goals, instead of procrastination and laziness


Improve your social skills and social life


Free up your time to do the things you love


Become independent and a more creative individual


Be able to enjoy your life more fully.


Finally...no more feelings of insecurity about your life's direction.




"How Much Would You Pay To Achieve Your True Hearts Desires, And Never Feel Unsure About Your Life Ever Again?"



Before I go on, let me ask you. What price would you pay to finally manifest your true hearts desires?


Well, when I asked that question to a group of test subjects who were unsuccessful, desperate for change and rarely gaining an advantage in life, 100% of them said.....PRICELESS!!!!


In fact, many of these same people have thought about spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on seminars and workshops which won't even give you half the story on how to manifest correctly.


With the Laws Of Mind System, you'll know how to make changes in your life to manifest naturally, using nothing more than your own mind and body. Learning to use your own mind and body is hundreds of times more effective than any other method and certainly doesn't cost a fortune.




“You’ve Got Nothing To Lose and Only Manifestations To Gain!”



Most important, you'll get to drastically change your life with the Laws of Mind System. In fact, I guarantee your success with a 60 day, 100% risk-free guarantee.


I understand how important your true desires mean to you. To be in charge...have peace of mind...and have real choice in life. And gaining your true desires can only boost your happiness. So, if for any reason, you are not satisfied with the Laws Of Mind System, simply send me an email within 60 days for a full refund of 100% of your investment. 





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